In the Spring of 2011 I had a rare opportunity of photographing the beginning of a tui's life, something that has never been photographed in this way before. For 5 weeks I spent a good part of my day observing the nest and talking with the tui so that she would become a little more familiar with my presence. I also kept a day by day journal of the happenings in the nest.


Out of the resulting 800 images, I first printed 18 photos which were submitted to the Photographic Society of NZ resulting in a Fellowship in recognition of the body of work.

I realised the importance of these images and approached Craig Potton Publishing about the possibility of producing a book, their response was so positive and I have really enjoyed working with them.


The book, "Tui A Nest in the Bush" is sadly out of print now after the 2000 print run sold out. It may be available in your library.

In February 2013, Kathryn Ryan interviewed me on Radio New Zealand about the book. Below is a link to the broadcast.